A smile is priceless

When it comes to dentures, there is one local business that has been the go-to one stop shop for the last 14 years.

Suzie Holmes at Raceview Complete Denture Care is passionate about giving her customers a million dollar smile for a fraction of the price.

With a fully working laboratory on site, Suzie is well known around town for her dedication to her craft, and don’t think that it is only older people who use her services, in fact young kids who love their sport are queuing up for her custom-made mouth guards.

“I’ve probably made hundreds, maybe thousands of dentures over the last 14 years,”

At some point in our lives, most of us will need dentures, and don’t be fooled into thinking its something you only have to worry about in old age.

“I have customers needing dentures from 19 years old, and my oldest is 107, so it’s right across the board. It all comes down to your genetics. If you’re not willing to see a dentist and get a clean up every six to twelve months, you’re going to end up with dentures.

“As for the process, we are there with the customer from start to finish. I’ll make the dentures here on site, and work with the client’s dentist. The first twelve months are a long period of adjustment, including gum shrinkage, so I’m there to help for that whole time. So don’t worry, the price includes all that support for a whole year.”

Our Services

For all your denture and mouthguard needs we provides you the best Services

Free Consulations

Consult with our trained clinicians to determine what is the best treatment for you. Better yet it is free!

Same Day Repairs

Have a snapped denture or missing false tooth? Well we can fix them with the peace of mind that it will take only a day!

Immediate Dentures

Have to have teeth extracted and don’t want to walk around with no teeth? Then talk to us about getting an immediate denture

Valplast Dentures

Valplast offers a uniquely aesthetic quality that is unrivalled. It gives you confidence while talking, eating and, most importantly, smiling!

Denture Additions

Lost an existing tooth and already have a denture? Did you know that in many cases we can add teeth to your existing denture

Adjustments and Relines

Is your denture not comfortable or too loose? Adjustments or relines may be your solution to ensure your dentures fits just right


If you or your kids play contact sport, it’s a small investment that can save thousands on dentist bills

Chrome Dentures

Chrome ensures durability and are long lasting compared to conventional dentures while being thinner and lighter on your palate

Did you know we offer payment plans?

Dental procedures can often be a large investment and can be difficult to fund. At Raceview Complete Denture Care we offer both Zip Pay and Afterpay to assist our clients in achieving their dental goals without the financial hassle

Our Team

We have a powerful & hardworking team with combined decades of experience that which aim to deliver the best results to our clients

Suzie Holmes

Owner – Dental Prosthetist

Shareef Hamdam

Dental Prosthetist

See what some of our clients are saying

Narelle Wilson

Suzie was Very Professional and Efficent
Excellent Service offered .
Would highly Recommend this Denture Cliinic ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Xiaoda Xu

Suzie is extremely nice and very professional. My mum had wrong form for her crown repair. She went extra miles to help her. Thank Suzie.

Gary Thompson

Terrific Staff, Great service, Well above excellent denture product and fitment.
Great after service back up, Good pricing.

Jany Skeats

Great service, fast turnaround for mouth guards for my sons Rugby 🏉. Even in emergencies, like when his mouth guard melted in the clothes dryer 😂 Always a great fit, highly recommended

Chris Green

The Service from Suzie was excellent from start to finish. Would recommend Raceview Denture Care.

The Best in Ipswich.

Gale Clarke

Great beautiful top plate. Shiny white teeth. Doesn’t even look like false teeth